A downloadable game for Windows

A Castlevania inspired game made for Metroidvania Month 7.

Still in development for Super Metroidvania Month 7.

Story :
A long time ago in Eastern Europe, a rich and powerful lord had a castle built in the countryside so he could retreat from the city's agitation. While the castle's construction was almost over, a storm ravaged the country and the lord was killed along with his family. This left the castle abandoned for many years.
A decade later, a traveler came across a small village lost in the deepest parts of the country. Folks there were terrified of an abandoned castle on the other side of a forest and it's menacing silhouette. They told the traveler stories of villagers entering the castle's walls and never coming back, and claimed to have seen dark creatures roaming the skies around the castle's towers.
As a proud member of a guild of traveler, the lone traveler decided to see for himself if the stories were true and headed into the castle by himself.

Controls :
WASD - Move
J - Jump
L - Attack
K- Dash

Advice : If you're stuck, try dashing while holding up

Credits :
Design - TomKai
Code - OshDubh, D3C0D
Music - Asiago
Art - iMonk


Shadow Curse.zip 46 MB

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